What Can OpenEdge Do for You?


Robyn Oglesby


January 13, 2022

What Can OpenEdge Do for You?

With so many development platforms available at your fingertips, you might wonder, “Why use OpenEdge?” For one thing, OpenEdge is reliable. It’s been in use for more than 40 years, and 21% of OpenEdge revenue is reinvested into R&D to ensure that the platform can continue succeeding. It’s a tested, proven development language that can improve how your applications are built. The real question is, “What can OpenEdge do for you?” The simplest answer is that OpenEdge can help you evolve your applications to meet your most immediate business needs. User demands can fall into one of the following categories, and OpenEdge can help satisfy each one of these areas.

Scalability & Performance

OpenEdge does have a cloud-based framework option. Since cloud-based apps provide increased performance and scalability opportunities and decreased overall costs, moving your app to the cloud seems like a no-brainer. There are causes for concern, however, when you have been operating your OE environment on-premises for decades. Although it can be a difficult journey, it’s not an impossible one. In fact, OpenEdge is available with AWS Quick Start, which is recommended for deploying OE in AWS Cloud. Cloud-based deployment for OpenEdge is one of the best ways to ensure you can scale your application appropriately as well as provide ultimate performance for your users.

High Availability

In the event of a disaster, you don’t want your application to cease operations. OpenEdge Replication provides continuous operations so that you can avoid unplanned downtime and protect your data. The key features of OpenEdge Replication (as found on progress.com) are:

  • Replication Target Synchronization provides a three-pronged failover approach for ongoing maintenance and automatic transition in case of unplanned downtime.
  • Online Index Activation allows you to add new indexes to the schema without downtime. Add indexes at your convenience, but deploy changes when ready without disrupting the application.


OpenEdge applications are protected through Progress Services Security Health Check, which scans, assesses, and implements improvements to minimize security vulnerabilities. This helps to protect your system from larger threats while also complying with regulatory mandates.


The evolution of OpenEdge has provided DevOps teams with options to turn application development into a streamlined process. Through the DevOps model, resources are optimized, and efficiencies are improved throughout the application lifecycle.

OpenEdge is a very robust platform that can provide countless efficiencies to your application development. Whether you are new to it or have been using it for years, OpenEdge can take your business to the next level with its latest update. Migration and modernization of your systems can greatly improve your ability to serve your customers and internal team members as well. Contact InGen to learn more about what OpenEdge can do for you.

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