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Embracing Innovative Technology for a Competitive Advantage

InGen is a creative software company that delivers web and mobile solutions to provide measurable business values for our clients.

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Never Stop Innovating

Continuous improvement is a prerequisite for continued success. Are your websites, applications, devices, and systems all working together for better products, processes, and customer engagement? Gaining competitive advantages comes from continuously exploring, learning, and embracing innovative technologies. That’s where InGen steps in.

Digital Products that Elevate

Reimagine Customer Experiences

User-centric applications and websites streamline customer conversion paths through targeted personalization.

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technologies

IoT capabilities connect your devices and systems to each other for streamlined processes.

Harness Actionable Insights

Achieve business goals like you never thought possible and measure success through data analytics.

Monitoring, controlling, measuring, learning, and optimizing outcomes since 1983.

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You have enough on your plate carrying out day-to-day operations. It can be tough to layer in the technical and creative innovation needed to improve products, services, and processes.

That’s why we have helped hundreds of clients solve complex problems in our 37 years of business. Some of our industries of expertise include:

  • Higher Education
  • Banking
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Research
  • Real Estate
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Sitefinity & Headless CMS

Build, optimize, integrate, or manage your Sitefinity- or CMS-backed website. Achieve business goals like you never thought possible and measure success through data analytics. Gain the most value for your time and money with an enterprise website that just works—faster and more efficiently. We are certified Sitefinity experts trusted by companies throughout the world.

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Internet of Things

Pull together disparate data and devices with our IoT services. Connect your devices and systems to each other and to the Cloud with InGen services, including:

  • C & C++ Development
  • Data acquisition
  • Custom UI/UX design

Mobile App Development

Offer your users the high-quality look, feel, and functionality they’ve come to expect from your organization in the form of a mobile app. We can help you build a mobile app from the ground up or one that supports, supplements, and integrates with your existing enterprise website.

Enterprise Web Application Development

The InGen team is ready to design, develop, and deploy the web application that gives your organization a competitive advantage and streamlines the customer journey.

UI/UX Design

InGen’s dedicated digital product design and growth team help bring your ideas to life. Through collaboration with clients, we offer our expertise and experience on the elements that make your digital product visually compelling, easy to navigate, mobile responsive, and GDPR compliant. Shorten the time to market by running a design sprint with InGen.

How It Works

We believe in uniting design and function in ways that users will find useful, understandable, and actionable.

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Tell Us About Your Project

Whether you need customized web development, IoT, or Mobile app development, let us know what success looks like to you.

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Plan & Design

We collaborate closely with your subject matter experts and stakeholders to create a holistic strategy and design for your customized digital products.

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Once your digital products are live, you’ll see improved user experience, streamlined processes, and intelligent data to make informed decisions.

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Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for your help and partnership this past year.  You should be incredibly proud of the team you have put together.  They truly function as an extension of our team by providing incredible guidance, top quality work and brought much needed thoughtfulness to complete this project.  My entire team has enjoyed working with yours.  The ‘ways of working’ your team has shown has me interested in exploring more.
Everything looks great. My sincere gratitude to you and the InGen team on enabling this to happen. We all know that this road was long and full of pushback but WE DID IT! Your dedication, passion, and PATIENCE has certainly paid off. It is beautiful and I am beyond proud of this team.
I love everyone on the team! It's going great, and I can't wait to have the new site. It's going to be a luxury for me to work in.
Your team is doing a great job of answering my numerous questions and requests.
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Innovative Technologies Solve Complex Business Problems

In order to be a creative and innovative industry leader, you need the right technical resources and expertise. Let InGen help you overcome the technical hurdles involved with designing and optimizing digital products. Embrace innovative technologies that solve your complex business problems.

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