Digital Experiences As Competitive Differentiators


InGen Technologies Team


September 23, 2020

Digital Experiences As Competitive Differentiators

Today’s consumer is almost always digitally engaged in some way. Social media, online shopping, utilizing web and mobile apps; it goes on and on. Because of the relatively quick and all-encompassing shift to digital marketing and experiences, the competition has increased.

If all a consumer has to do is click a few buttons to find what they want, then anyone and everyone can sell products and services to them. But that’s not a secret that only marketers hold; the consumers themselves understand they have plenty of other choices. Customer experience is set to be the number one brand differentiator.

Digital experiences have become a product feature in its own right. When researching products, consumers are actively comparing customer experience across the market. They’re coming to expect nothing but the best when it comes to digital customer experiences.

Competitive Digital Experiences are Proactive

The most competitive digital experiences offer customers and leads answers to questions before they ask them. Anticipating people’s wants and needs proactively helps establish trust between your organization and your target market. It shows that you truly understand your audience and lays the groundwork for solving their pain points. 

For example, when InGen worked with S&P Platts, our developers created a way to visualize global oil pipelines. Instead of only offering flat data, now S&P Platts clients can use a graphical map with zooming to display this information. There was no need to go elsewhere for visual representation and provided a better digital experience. 

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End-to-end Digital Customer Experiences

Customers should get top-notch digital experiences at every level of the sales funnel. From research to making the sale to nurturing them to make repeat purchases or conversions, tailor your digital experiences to identified segments of your audience. 

Utilize multiple marketing channels to create a unified customer experience, well-known as omnichannel marketing. All your channels should work in tandem to synthesize a seamless look, feel, and tone. 

The Need for Data

To accomplish premium digital experiences, your organization needs to have the customer data to back it up. A unified view of your data helps you form marketing personas so you know the right time to provide the right digital experience for a successful conversion. It’s incredibly helpful to integrate your various martech tools for complete customer profiles. If you haven’t already, integrating your content management system (CMS) with your CRM makes for a powerful combination of organizational systems that are greater than the sum of their parts. 

Even though 87% of marketing and analytics professionals say customer experience is important, only 24% are prioritizing customer data management. That means that if your organization is able to successfully harness your customer data to improve digital experience, you’ll have a leg up on your competition. 

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One example of utilizing data to provide better digital experiences is an InGen client that used customer data to provide a more personalized mobile app experience. The company offered its clients personalized exercise and dietary, allowing them to see their individual consultant and plan information when they logged into the app. 

Your sales representatives and marketers get the best understanding of your audiences when they have an abundance of relevant data. 

By combining the capabilities of martech tools, platforms, and services, companies can create customer-centric digital experiences that give you a competitive edge. If you’re looking to optimize or create your own digital experience tools, you’ll need the help of a user-centered development team. 

InGen is a creative software consultancy company that designs results-driven web and mobile solutions to create impactful change for our clients. Our team of designers, developers, and strategists continuously explore, learn, and embrace cutting-edge technologies that solve client’s complex business problems and offer a competitive advantage. Our digital solutions are created through trusted relationships within a culture of continuous creativity.

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