Head in the Cloud: Benefits of Sitefinity Cloud


Joe Genovese


August 5, 2020

Head in the Cloud: Benefits of Sitefinity Cloud

What if we told you that you and your IT team never had to worry about your enterprise website’s infrastructure ever again? Or that your site could handle up to 1200 page views per second?

Those are just a couple of the benefits of Sitefinity Cloud. Same great sitefinity features, but less overhead and no need to maintain complex IT infrastructure. Check out some of the other benefits of Sitefinity Cloud. 


One of the biggest benefits of hosting Sitefinity on the cloud is taking infrastructure maintenance and support off your company’s plate. Sitefinity from Progress would be responsible for maintaining the overall infrastructure, including the health, performance, and security of the platform and your website.

A fully managed infrastructure means that the vendor is taking care of any issues so that you can reduce your IT team’s workload. Without a break/fix model of infrastructure, IT can focus their time and efforts on their list of projects, which let’s face it, is never-ending. Managing your website’s infrastructure is a full-time job, and it makes sense for the organization that developed it to be the one making sure everything is up-to-date and running smoothly.

A reduced infrastructure management overhead gives your organization’s budget a break or allows resources to be put to more productive use. For example, your organization could engage an organization like InGen to develop custom analytics, processes, or other elements that will allow your site to offer even more value to your users. 


It’s almost cliche to say marketers never have enough time. In order to deliver seamless, personalized digital experiences, marketers need to be quick and agile. But managing and delivering digital experiences is an incredibly complex undertaking and most likely requires close collaboration between IT and marketing. And one thing marketers and IT have in common is too much to do and not enough time to do it. 

This lack of time can hinder marketer productivity and reduce the effectiveness of marketing efforts. That’s where hosting Sitefinity on the cloud comes to save the day. Instead of running to IT infrastructure issues, hosting your site on Sitefinity’s cloud means low latency and fast download times. 

Sitefinity Cloud is built on top of enterprise-grade infrastructure powered by Microsoft Azure, so you can focus on managing digital experiences, not service availability. Eliminating silos and promoting seamless collaboration means that marketers won’t have to tap IT for help whenever they want to develop fresh content. 


Sitefinity provides tools to harden security from the outside in and inside out. Machine learning and AI-powered systems constantly monitor incoming traffic and provide security recommendations.

Sitefinity Cloud can help protect against bad code, data corruption, and accidental deletion through the ability to restore everything to a previous state. It also delivers advanced multi-layered endpoint and application-level threat protection to help safeguard your confidential data and streamline compliance. Speaking of compliance, Sitefinity Cloud complies with GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, and others.


Every website will see it’s ups and downs when it comes to traffic. More website traffic is great! But so much traffic that your site crashes? Not so great. With Sitefinity Cloud, your site can handle up to 1200 page views per second. Plus, with its handy auto scale technology, you’re not paying for more bandwidth than you need at any given time. The infrastructure ensures site availability, speed, and reliability. 

You can manually specify the number of instances your website runs on or set up autoscale rules based on predefined conditions. Handle traffic spikes with ease so you never miss an opportunity to engage with your audience.

Connected Experiences

As great as Sitefinity is, your organization might also be using other platforms to create the most value for your clients and leads. Sitefinity Cloud easily integrates with other systems for better, more informed marketing results. This enables you to create connected experiences, where customer data is fed through the funnel to optimize interactions. 

Sitefinity has some really handy pre-built integrations, but don’t worry if you don’t see the platform you use. InGen can help with that. We’re experts at making disparate systems work together. Our developers can customize any integration you need so that your information isn’t siloed. Integrate with systems for lead acquisition, analytics, CRM, newsfeeds, and systems of record.

So are you convinced? Is your organization ready to maximize your time, money, and value by hosting Sitefinity in the cloud?

Migrating, deploying, or customizing your Sitefinity Cloud-based enterprise website can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have a deep understanding of both Azure and Sitefinity. Our web professionals can help simplify your world through a proven, time-tested process that optimizes your software, leading to clarity and measurable improvements in team efficiencies and business growth. 

Get a free site assessment today to get actionable insights.

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