A Guide to Web Development Services

Be Sure To Select A Good Partner For Your Needs

At their core, professional web development services involve not only the creating and building of websites, but the ongoing maintenance related to them as well. It's a principle that brings together a large number of different aspects of digital technology, including but not limited to web design, internet publishing, programming, database management and more.

Because the field itself is so varied, there are a wide array of different types of web development services that businesses can choose from depending on their needs. Sometimes you already have a website that you just need assistance with maintaining - there are more than enough web developers out there who are ready to assist with that goal.

Other times your site doesn't work well on mobile devices or it isn't easy to use and needs significant modifications - in that case, user friendly web development services like those from InGen will absolutely come in handy. There are also web development services content providers who can help make sure that your site is always stocked with a steady stream of high quality, relevant articles to really attract the attention of your target audience.

One of the major pros that comes along with web development services is that you simply don't have to handle any of these tasks yourself. Rather than trying to keep your site up and running, you can focus the majority of your attention where it belongs: on actually running the business you've worked so hard to build in the first place. Of course, it will also be more expensive to hire professional web development services providers, who will likely need to provide their services on a regular basis. But when the end result is a user friendly website that increases engagement and builds loyalty among your target audience, it's clear that this is an investment more than worth making for most people.


Generally speaking, the best website development companies are organizations who are prepared to step in and act as a true creative partner to your own business in every sense of the term. After listening to your long-term goals as a professional, they'll be able to come up with the right approach to creating a website that meets those needs - all while exceeding your expectations at the exact same time.

Understand, however, that not all website development companies are created equally. If you're looking to enlist a team of professionals who will come in and build something for you from the ground up, they should at a bare minimum take the time to learn as much as possible about both your business and the people you've dedicated yourself to serving. The best website development company websites are nothing if not an extension of your larger marketing activities. They're not a virtual business card, so much as they are a genuine opportunity for lead generation in the digital era.

Because marketing is all about getting the right message in front of the right person at exactly the right time, it stands to reason that your enterprise web development services partners should know as much as they can about who you're actually speaking to. Not only that, but they should have a clear plan of attack - they should be able to justify every decision they're making (both technical and creative) and show you the actual value that each one will generate.


When you open things up to the larger discussion of the best enterprise websites, an important topic that should be touched on ultimately comes down to multisites. Multisite is a very specific type of Sitefinity installation that actually allows you to create and manage a network of more than one site, all from a single dashboard. This lets you (or your enterprise web development services partners) easily make changes to all sites with a fraction of the effort that would have otherwise been required.

The key advantage of this is that all of your websites are always updated with the most relevant information - perfect if you have multiple brands under the same business but need to make a post with information that applies to all.

One of the most famous enterprise website examples that meets this description is the site for Harvard University. Harvard has a site called "Harvard Blogs" that allows anyone with an email address from the school to create and maintain their own blog, all under the same banner and domain.

>At InGen, we have also recently worked with a number of notable partners on sites like these, with Deaconess Health System, Tandem Diabetes Care, Old National Bank being a few examples.

The major way that enterprise web development differs from a more traditional approach ultimately comes down to the use of a Content Management System (CMS). This is a single tool that allows enterprise website owners to use several features that ultimately create a better experience for not only customers but also partners, suppliers and any other key stakeholders that may be involved. In addition to various tools related to branding and other marketing strategies, a CMS is invaluable in terms of storage management, integration with various other pieces of software that you may be using, content development, search engine optimization and much, much more.

Another important concept to be aware of in terms of enterprise web development comes down to the best practices of responsive design. Keep in mind that these days especially, the vast majority of your users probably aren't visiting your site via a desktop or even a laptop. They're doing so on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets with touchscreen interfaces. Responsive web design makes sure that you only have to design one version of a site that will then display perfectly on any device a user happens to have with them.


Another one of the major reasons why enlisting the help of a professional web design company is so important is because they focus on a lot of the qualities that help create that rich end user experience to begin with.

In addition to helping create informative content, for example, a web design company can make sure that your site looks visually pleasing in a way that is also consistent with your branding and larger business messaging. They can also address certain elements of the "backend" of the site - meaning the decisions that directly impact how it operates. This can include making sure that your site loads quickly on all devices (including mobile phones and others that may have slower Internet speeds) and more.

A web design company like will also be able to optimize the layout of your site so that it isn't just easy to navigate, but so that visitors can also find the information they're looking for at a quick glance. Everything will be laid out in a way that makes sure the insight users are after is right at their fingertips, thus creating a far better experience across the board.

Overall, what website design services cost will ultimately be dictated by a wide array of different factors related to the project at hand. Obviously, if you need someone to come in and build something from the ground up, that will be more expensive than if you just needed someone to lend a hand with website maintenance or something like search engine optimization. Therefore, web design, maintenance and even marketing can cost a few thousand dollars for a one-time job or tens of thousands of dollars per year for an ongoing relationship.

But again, when you consider that you're getting the types of benefits that you would be hard-pressed to achieve on your own, it's an investment that is certainly worth consideration for most business owners out there.


Last but not least, it's important to understand the types of web design services that are available for you to choose from depending on your needs. Even web design services for small businesses can vary greatly depending on what industry you're in, what target audience you're trying to reach and even what you're hoping your website will accomplish for you. To that end, they're really not that different from corporate website design services.

Competitor analysis, for example, can be a big part of the website design process before your site itself even exists. This includes looking to competitors not only for inspiration, but to see what they're doing that isn't working that you might be able to improve upon.

In terms of your website design, you'll also likely get a chance to give your input on and approve both a wireframe and a mockup of the site itself before anything is actually developed. A wireframe shows how all the elements will be laid out on a page and how navigation will actually work for end users. A mockup is a complete visual representation of what the site WILL look like, complete with all your brand colors, logos and content. These are all things that we at InGen handle for our partners on a daily basis.

In the end, it's important to understand that website design services are a lot more robust than you probably realized. Yes, settling on the perfect look and feel for your site is a big part of it - but it's also just one small part of a much larger story. You also need to think about how it all fits together, how easy it is to navigate, and what will be involved in updating and maintaining the site over time.

That, in essence, is why finding the right website design partner is of paramount importance. They'll handle as many of these things as possible on your behalf, all so that you can get back to focusing on your business - which is exactly the way things should be.

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