University Of Colorado Denver

University Of Colorado Denver

CU Denver engaged with InGen in December of 2017 to assist with multisite guidance and assessment. CU Denver was operating with a single-site model and wanted to take advantage of the multisite functionality of Sitefinity. Their team had lots of questions surrounding permissions and data providers for all the different sites. InGen experts joined with CU Denver’s team to begin working out a solution.


University Of Colorado Denver



Service Offered:

Guidance and Assessment of Multisite functionality within Sitefinity

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The Solution

The first step in the CU Denver/InGen partnership was for InGen’s experts to complete a Sitefinity assessment to determine the best path forward. Multisite management affords its users the ability to share content from one site on other sites. CU Denver had lots of questions about moving to multisite and about how data gets pulled. Now, they have hundreds of sites that are managed by Sitefinity and content editors are commissioned to particular sites. Since its inception, the implementation of CU Denver’s multisite project has been moving along smoothly.

The Relationship

Since InGen began working with CU Denver, many different projects have taken shape. Some of those projects include:

  • The development of a utility to clean up URLs that had been manually entered
  • Implementation of Single Sign On (SSO) across all their sites that allowed for minimal configuration for the client – four lines of configuration instead of thousands of lines.
  • Customized a widget to help display biographical information on staff that was being imported from the university’s system of record.
  • Added support for site builders to search for deeply nested classifications instead of manually scrolling through large lists
  • Customized Sitefinity’s custom content types to allow site builders to pick and choose fields that will be displayed each time they drop a widget on a page

The partnership that has developed between the CU Denver and InGen teams has continued to evolve and there are several challenging projects currently being developed including a sitewide search and widget search option.

About the client

The University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) has a century-old history of providing higher education opportunities to more than 100,000 people. CU Denver is one of four campuses that make up the University of Colorado system. The university seeks to create an inclusive, welcoming and respectful learning environment. Serving the Denver area as the only public urban research university, CU Denver offers more than 110 academic degrees and features a student-faculty ratio of 18:1.

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