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Old National Bank
Sitefinity Migration

In 2016, Old National Bank began searching for a new CMS to build their client-facing website on. In addition to their current system being difficult to use, ONB also wanted to see their site be mobile-friendly. Eventually, the decision was made and Sitefinity was the answer they decided on. InGen’s experts were engaged to assist the ONB team with the transition.


Old National Bank



Service Offered:

Migration of CMS-based website to Sitefinity

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The Solution

InGen specialists redesigned and rebuilt Old National Bank’s website using Sitefinity. It was on version 9 at the time. The entire project took 4-5 months. During the project, Sitefinity 10 was released and InGen developers completed the version upgrade to the site. In addition to the upgrade, InGen experts created Enterprise Image and Document cache which serves as an onboard CDN. In addition to the custom utility development, site design, and migration to Sitefinity, InGen developers also added new features to Old National Bank’s website including the branch locator, which allows users to find branches on a map. This feature actually gets a lot of use in-house, too, because customer service representatives use it to answer questions for bank patrons.

The Relationship

In the five years since the partnership between ONB and InGen began, there have been a number of additional projects the two companies have worked on including:

  • Implementation of Sitefinity Forms, which are used for lead acquisition. Potential customers fill out the form and it’s routed to the nearest geographical banking center.
  • Product Selector, a micro questionnaire that guides customers to answer a number of questions about their lifestyle. They are then directed to a checking account that will fit their needs.
  • Choose Your Charity, a feature that allowed customers to vote on a nonprofit to receive funds from Old National Bank
  • ONB Search, which is an improved site search function to the site. When a customer asks a question like, “How do I open a checking account?” the frequently asked questions directs them to common answers.
  • Development of a notification banner that is personalized based on a user’s location. For example, if a banking center is closed in Wisconsin due to snow, then only users located in Wisconsin would see it. This same technology was used to build a slider to target different marketing segments.

The partnership between Old National Bank and InGen Technologies continues to be strong and gets stronger with every project we undertake together.

About the client

Old National Bank (ONB) is a regional financial institution that serves corporate and personal accounts alike. It began its life on the banks of the Ohio River – in the heart of Evansville, Indiana – in 1834. Today, the institution has more than $20 billion in assets and locations in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. As a 184 year-old banking corporation, ONB has stayed true to its hometown roots and continues to provide financial solutions for the businesses, individuals and communities it serves.

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