K. Hovnanian® Homes

K. Hovnanian® Homes
Sitefinity Upgrade

In early 2016, K. Hovnanian Homes was referred to InGen Technologies after an upgrade of their Sitefinity enterprise CMS website failed. The site was built on a complex content type called Community Builder that stored all their communities, home designs, and images. It was all custom coded and when they started having problems with the upgrade, InGen stepped in to triage and solve the problems.


K. Hovnanian® Homes



Service Offered:

Sitefinity Upgrade of Community Builder

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The Solution

Thankfully, the upgrade that was attempted didn’t break the live site, but had InGen developers not been involved, K. Hovnanian would have limped along with an older version of Sitefinity and likely experienced additional pain points along the way. Working with InGen hand-in-hand provided K. Hovnanian the opportunity to dream bigger with their current site rather than exhausting financial resources rebuilding the site on a different platform.

The Relationship

The partnership that InGen and K. Hovnanian has developed is long-lasting. The two companies have worked together for five years and in that time, InGen has ensured that K. Hovnanian’s website is meeting the needs of their content team and functioning to the best of its ability. In addition to the original project, InGen has provided added feature-sets for K. Hovnanian to take advantage of to improve their productivity.

  • EXAMPLE A: K. Hovnanian said, “We want to change our approval process.” InGen developers created a new workflow that features centralized authoring so that there is a single stream of approvals rather than having all their sites siloed.
  • EXAMPLE B: In the past, K. Hovnanian had to update individual home designs in each community they managed by hand. InGen developers added a feature to assist with automation so that similar designs could be quickly copied between communities.
  • EXAMPLE C: K. Hovnanian’s customer service representatives were answering customer questions by searching the customer-facing website rather than their CRM system when asked about different homes available in different communities. InGen developers created a Community Search function that sits side-by-side with the CRM so that the experience is much easier for reps to use.
  • K. Hovnanian has been a great partner for InGen. We value the relationship our two companies have built together and consider it a privilege to be able to ensure their ‘legacy of quality’ endures through the technology they use.

About the client

K. Hovnanian® Homes started in 1959 with simple concept: to build a home for the founder’s family, and all families seeking a better life. That legacy has endured for more than 60 years and continued to guide the company as it builds homes and communities across the United States.

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