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ACE engaged with InGen’s experts to create a portal for their university application process within Sitefinity. Their team asked if InGen could help. To which, InGen replied with a resounding, “Yes.”


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Service Offered:

Create a portal for student application admission process

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The Solution

At the time, ACE’s Sitefinity installation was running Sitefinity 8.2. InGen specialists were able to build an application portal that tied to their student system of record (CampusVUE). The idea behind the portal was for potential students to be able to enter all their pertinent information, including biographical information, degree of choice, supporting documents, and even a form of payment, and to have that information imported directly into CampusVUE. The application fee was paid through PayPal, which went through Sitefinity’s eCommerce module. The portal was deployed in November 2014. As a result of the hard work completed by InGen developers, ACE enrolled the most students in a single term in the school's history in 2017.

The Relationship

After the initial application portal project was completed, InGen specialists performed occasional maintenance and developed additional projects with ACE.

ACE Gateway: ACE had several different systems they wanted to connect—all the information needed to come together and propagate. The first version of the Gateway was designed specifically for lead acquisition, and filled forms would populate information into ACE’s CRM system.

Marketing Site Redesign: This was a major integration project. In 2017, InGen was engaged to provide Sitefinity best practices and oversight to the company completing the redesign. This was in line with ACE’s best practices to ensure that all the systems worked together correctly, including OData, Sharepoint, Catalog, and Faculty HR. The platforms used in this project included: .NET 4.6, web api, Redis cache, and standard code.

Rebuild of the Application Portal: The original application portal ran for four years with InGen specialists performing occasional maintenance. Eventually, the portal was rebuilt outside of Sitefinity to take advantage of different technologies. That tech stack included: .NET Core 2.1, Azure SQL and the cloud, ACE Gateway (described below) and OData, Angular, and web api. The stack is authenticated using single sign on into the student information system.

The partnership that has developed between InGen and ACE is long-lasting. The projects continue to be challenging and rewarding for both the client and the developer.

About the client

The American College of Education (ACE) is an online post-secondary university that focuses on delivering high-quality, affordable programs for students. Since 2005, ACE has provided professional development through real-world, evidence-based content. The university’s goal is to prepare graduates to serve, lead, and achieve personal and professional goals in diverse, evolving communities.

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