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What CMS is Right for You

Robyn Oglesby
November 19, 2020

A content management system (CMS) makes it easy to create, manage, and publish content for your enterprise website, but which CMS is right for your company? There's a lot to think about between IT requirements, marketing needs, and operational activities when you're selecting the ideal CMS for your enterprise organization. Here are some factors to consider when deciding what CMS is right for you. 

On-premise or Cloud

One of the first things to look at when selecting a CMS for your business is the need for either cloud-hosted or on-premise technology. At InGen, we tend to advocate for a cloud CMS for a variety of reasons.  

One of the biggest benefits of a cloud CMS is taking infrastructure maintenance and support off your company's plate. This greatly reduces operational costs. The SaaS solution would be responsible for maintaining the overall infrastructure, including the health, performance, and security of the platform and your website. 

Author Experience

man at work typing on laptopAnother large factor to consider when finding the CMS that's right for your enterprise is how easy or difficult it will be for your authors and marketers to create and publish content. It doesn't make sense to choose a CMS that the majority of your users will have a difficult time using. Choose a CMS that makes sense with your marketing workflows to fast-track content publication. 

This is especially true if your enterprise website runs multisites. Look for the ability to create individual workflows for each multisite you use or use different workflows based on content type. Whether you need a simple create-review workflow or something more complicated, your organization needs a CMS that can help you get it right every time.

Content Management

One of the strongest strategic approaches to digital experiences is personalization. Consider selecting a CMS that allows tailored content to deliver messages that resonate with certain segments of your audience. To accomplish this, look for personalization features such as audience segments or personas. 

It probably doesn't make sense to call your IT department every time your marketing team needs to create a new webpage, microsite, or content piece. Look for a CMS that offers an easy way to create custom pages. A CMS with a drag and drop editor can accomplish this.

Think about the types of content you'll need to publish and make sure your organization chooses a platform that supports them. The same goes for different channels. Omnichannel marketing creates a unified customer experience. All the channels work in tandem to synthesize a seamless look, feel, and tone. 


startup business, software developer working on desktop  computer at modern officeThink about all the different marketing platforms. Now imagine getting a CMS that doesn't actually integrate with them. Frustrating, right? Siloed information from marketing, sales, and customer service channels can lead to frustrating customer experiences. 

Many CMS platforms allow for easy integrations out of the box, but don't fret if you don't immediately see the tools you use. Instead, inquire about the ability to customize the software with APIs. A skilled CMS developer can optimize your CMS.

Data and Analytics 

When it comes to refining and improving your enterprise website content, it's not always about the words. A lot of times, it's about the numbers; specifically, the metrics you can use to make your website into a lead-generating, client-supporting machine. Providing your team with better data to work with ultimately aims to improve conversion rates. You can also reduce your sales cycle by knowing exactly what your leads are interested in before you ever speak to them.

Before choosing a CMS, be sure to evaluate the types of data analytics you can access, noting which ones have the ability to also pull in third-party data sources like Google Analytics.

Even if you select the very best CMS for your organization, there will still be ways you can customize and optimize it for your specific needs. A custom development team like the one at InGen can take your CMS to the next level. We specialize in product design, web, and mobile development. We believe in united design and function in ways that users will find useful, understandable, and actionable.

If you're already using a CMS, but you can't seem to get it to work for you instead of against you, we can help simplify your world through a proven, time-tested process that optimizes your software, leading to clarity and measurable improvements in team efficiencies and business growth. 

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